The Most Addictive New Games On Android

Android Has Developed More Than 100 Addictive Games

Android Has Developed More Than 100 Addictive Games

Games are an addiction. It’s your weekly off and your friends are not around. Or you just want to sit on your couch and enjoy some self time. Or, maybe you are travelling to your office and have nothing to do for that moment. If this is the case with you, then trying some Android games would give you a high and help you kill time. Whether you like puzzles, titles from arcade or sports stimulations, there must be one which has completely engrossed you. Here are few of them which you can download and install, if you want hours and hours of mindless fun.


This is one of the simplest games but yet too engrossing and creative. It involves building machines to perform a given task. When you start it, it’s easy and then it gets more and more interesting. What is wonderful with Apparatus is that you can play it alone or with others and once you are done, you can upload the creations for others to see and appreciate it.

Tiny Tower

In Tiny Tower You Build It, Create characters And Manage  Their Lives

In Tiny Tower You Build It, Create characters And Manage Their Lives

It’s a real cute, retro tycoon game where you can build a tower and populate it with cool characters. It’s a casual game and you do not have an obligation to keep playing till you achieve a certain score. You may switch in and out of the game anytime at your convenience.


In Solipskier, you are supposed to draw a path for a skier to go through it. The objective is to keep the skier alive and earn as much points as possible. It is quite a fast paced game and it is very challenging to get a high score. At the same time, you would love the music of guitar while you play the game. There is also a leader-board which can connect the results to internet sites for others to view you scores.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja Is Very Addictive

Fruit Ninja Is Very Addictive

The commonest and probably the most popular of them all is Fruit Ninja. While it does not really make much sense and has no adventurous objectives, still it draws its attention from most of us for the fact that it involves no mind concentration to play this game. Fruits are tossed into the air and you have to swipe across your phone to cut them into pieces and smash them. It’s really addictive and a good way to kill time.

Drop 7

Zynga manage to put together various number puzzle games and style it ala Tetris. This is one game which can keep you occupied for hours. It could be a real addiction, more so because of the fact that you get it socially uploaded for others to see it and compare their scores.

While there are more than 100 of Android games which can keep you highly engrossed, you should keep in mind that most of them keep you engaged to the limit when you start feeling groggy and disoriented, after hours of hardcore playing. These can swallow your spare time without mercy and sometimes even make you compromise on your productive time. However, they are fun as long as you know how much time you want to spare for these games without killing your valuable and productive time.

Communication Is Key For Solving Marriage Issues

Every Marriage Has Its Problems

Every Marriage Has Its Problems

Communication is a big part of a relationship that has to work right. All couples who are in relationships need to understand what they can do to keep their relationships healthy and in control.

Hellen Chen, a prominent matchmaker and relationships expert, discussed many points on how to work with marriage concerns relating to communication and how people are able to interact with each other.

Chen’s goal is to help buck the trends that come with today’s marriages. People state all the time that about half of all married couples will end up divorcing. The real truth is that around ten percent of couples get divorces as the Pew Research Center has found. Communication concerns are a great problem that many people like Chen are focusing on.

As Chen states, people can learn to resolve the communication issues that can come in their marriages. This is all to encourage the ways how people are able to interact with one another without dealing with more of a burden than they may already be like.

Using Logic in your Communication

Problems Can Be Solve If Both Partners Work Together Towards A Common Goal

Problems Can Be Solve If Both Partners Work Together Towards A Common Goal

Chen states that one thing that people can do for solving marriage problems is to be a little more sensible when making some kind of communication plan. Women need to stop acting like nagging mothers who want to control their husbands. Meanwhile, men have to be certain that they talk to their wives with care and that they don’t ignore the needs that they might have.

Keep the Relationship Even

One thing to do is to make sure that the man and woman in the relationship are at an even status with one another. Chen’s book, “Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar,” has more information relating to how men and women have to work hard to get in touch with each other and to talk with one another without sounding as though they don’t care about each other. There’s a need to create an even sense of interaction going with one another.

Address the Roles

Chen also says that about 80% of all divorces are started by the woman and not the man. That’s because a woman is often expected to take care of the man as though he was a child. She has to communicate down to him and force him into all sorts of things that he may not understand.

Treat Your Partner As An Equal

Treat Your Partner As An Equal

Therefore, she wants to address ways how a man can communicate with a woman in order to make it so he can appear to be more mature and less likely to irritate his wife. There’s a need for people to discuss their roles with one another in order to understand what they need to do.

Chen has many topics to discuss on her website with many of these relating to how to make someone be loveable and worthy of getting into a relationship, how to talk with one’s significant other and how to identify cases where greed in a relationship gets to be too prevalent. People can read her website right now at to learn about the many things that she wants to offer to people who are in relationships or are contemplating them.

Keep Knee Pain After Running From Being A Burden

Your Knee Hurts After Running

Your Knee Hurts After Running

The pains in your knee after running can be a real burden. They can come from all the pressure that comes into the running process. However, you can keep these pains from being a hassle if you use a few ideas for taking care of the issue.

It Develops Over Time

It takes plenty of effort to get your knees to feel sore. In addition to constant movements, your weight may end up cause damage to your knee. You may not be administering an appropriate amount of pressure onto your knee. This can entail your knee being out of alignment as you move around. It’s a risk because it makes it easy for your knee to struggle.

There are also times when your feet might be a problem. If you have flat feet then your foot’s arches could collapse, thus causing tendons to wear out. These tendons can roughen up your surface.

If your feet are too far removed from the direction you want to get into then your medial ligaments and tendons can start to wear out. This can cause your knees to wear out with most of the pains coming from the inside parts of the knee. This will create a sharp tone that might be painful to bear with.

Learn How To Train

Do The Right Exercise To Protect Your Knees

Do The Right Exercise To Protect Your Knees

You can start working on you knees by training before running. If you exercise your thigh muscles and build muscle mass then you will probably feel better.

It’s also a good idea to get into more hip exercises. These can include hip extension or flexor exercises to strengthen the area.

The hip might not seem relevant to the process but the fact is that the hip is critical for keeping your body intact. If your hip is strong and easy to control then you will be less likely to force yourself into adjusting the knee’s position as you run. You will be less likely to feel pain and more likely to keep yourself healthy.

Plyometrics have also been found to be suitable for keeping your body active. This entails hopping and jumping actions used in shorter period of time to get the quadriceps to stretch out and to enhance the muscles in areas that often feel more pressure while running. This improves muscles and keeps joints from feeling more discomfort while you are engaging in those exercises. In addition, this also helps you to increase your vertical jump.

Run The Right Way

Don't Hurt Yourself.. Learn To Run Properly

Don’t Hurt Yourself.. Learn To Run Properly

You need to start running differently to keep your pains from being a burden. For instance, your feet have to be placed in the right direction. Specifically, the feet should be aligned to where there’s in the direction that you are running towards. You can reposition your feet by using knee braces if needed while running to keep your feet from turning too far. These braces can keep your legs from curving too much and going at an angle while running, thus allowing you to keep your feet in the right direction at all times while also building upon some muscles.

Replace Your Running Shoes

In addition, you need to also replacing your running shoes every couple hundred miles. This is to keep you from running onto hard surfaces. If you use something that’s softer to move onto then you have to make sure that you keep your feet under control without using more stress than necessary. This must work right because your soles can weaken from all the places you go onto.

Your running habit doesn’t have to be really painful. If you use the right procedures then you’ll find that knee pains from running don’t have to be a real burden to your life.

What Can Happen If Finances Are Not Diversified?

You Need To Consider Diversification

You Need To Consider Diversification

It is amazing how people would love to get filthy rich in these modern times. Some would even wake up in the middle of the night to take note of investment strategies that just popped up in their heads. Others want to follow the footsteps of Bill Gates and dream to be as successful as him. They wonder whether they should focus on one investment or diversify their finances. You probably have the same dilemma. Here’s what will happen if you do not diversify your finances.

You Will Have Lesser Competition.

To some extent, this can be a very good thing. Then again, it also means that you will have a narrower market. Simply put, the investment may not last forever. Remember that consumers get bored easily. They are always searching for something fresh. If you have a narrow market and you are not able to keep up with trends, you can fail.

You Only Need To Grow What Has Already Been Built.

Help Your business Grow Bigger And Stronger

Help Your Money Grow

You do not have to reinvent things. You just have to go with the flow and follow what others have done. If you do something that is totally different, it can lead to failure. Thus, putting up a business based on what is already in front of you can make you successful.

You Can Easily Implement Your Ideas.

You will not have lots of distractions. It is also easier to attain brand awareness as well as earn loyal customers. People will start buying your products simply because they are aware of its existence. They will trust your brand and not even care looking at alternatives.

But, You Can Also Lose Everything In An Instant.

You spent so much time and effort just to save the money you needed for your investments. What if your sole investment goes down? What if things do not go your way? You cannot just sit back and watch everything go down the drain. That can easily happen if your finances are invested in one venture only.

You Will Not Have Financial Security.

Secure Steady Income For Your Future

Secure Steady Income For Your Future

Diversifying your finances ensures financial security for the rest of your life. Nevertheless, it still depends on where your finances are. The good thing is that there is very little chance that all your investments will fail at the same time. The stock market may go down. Your small business may suffer from losses. Surely one of your other ventures can compensate for these losses. This gives you the chance to recover despite failures in your other investments.

You have to be very careful when making decisions regarding your finances. At times, it can be very tempting to focus only on one activity especially when it looks very promising. Before you take that huge step, be sure to think it over a hundred times. If you need help, do not hesitate to find a financial advisor. You do not want to lose all of your hard-earned money that easily. By diversifying your finances, you are always on the safe side. You will have several income sources, ensuring that money will always be available.

Things To Consider Before Starting Your First Business

There Is A Lot Of Work To Be Done Before You Open Your Doors

There Is A Lot Of Work To Be Done Before You Open Your Doors

When you are planning to venture and are not sure of lot of things, it could be a tricky situation, however, with the correct and appropriate information; you could certainly spare yourself from unwanted stress. When starting a new business, it is crucial that you stay connected to your vision and do not lose it while performing day to day activities. If you do not get distracted to your long term goals, nothing can stop you from achieving what you desire. The two key things to keep in mind before venturing in your first business are hard work and positive approach.

Set achievable goals and plan accordingly

If you have planned to start a new business, make yourself believe that you are going to run against the stream. Set your short term goals and long term goals, because setting them early will serve as a road map for you. At the same time, set a high goal and set an achievable goal, both at the same time, so that you put the required effort in achieving them.

Research the market well

Get To Know The Market Before You Dive In

Get To Know The Market Before You Dive In

In whatever field you want to venture into, do your market research honestly. Know the kind of competitions you are going to face ahead and know what you competitors are doing for the product-line you would be catering to. If possible, figure out the shortcomings of your competitors as that would serve you as the guiding principle of your business.

Planning, Persistence and Patience

Right plan is crucial to achieving any kind of goals. The outcome of any effort is directly proportional to the kind of planning you have. Apart from that, remember the remaining two ‘P’s. You should be prepared to fail if you want to succeed. So the key to every lock is persistence. Most of the business endeavors need a certain amount of time and effort to succeed. While going your way, you may feel everyday that you are losing it, but keep patience. Tell yourself every day, that there is always a morning after the dark night and things will work out well for you. Believe that it’s your Baby, and you can’t leave it middle-way.

Follow a well drafted business plan

Your Business Plan Needs To Be Ready

Your Business Plan Needs To Be Ready

You may know what you have to do. You may also know how you have to do it. You may know anything and everything of the kind of business you venturing into. However, it is quite important that every thing is well drafted and you have a copy of it to remind you of things that you might be missing in day to day activity. When you start a new business, almost nothing is organized and you don’t really have a working pattern. Under such situations, you are bound to miss on lot of things on daily basis. If you have a well drafted plan and to do list handy, chances of missing out on anything becomes minimal.

Last but not the least, when you start as an entrepreneur, you should be prepared that there is a long way ahead for you. The coming times will be a great learning process for you, regardless of the current experience you have. Entrepreneurship in one such educative experience that cannot be learned by books, it could only be learned by doing things itself. Be prepared to make mistakes and be prepared to move ahead of it.