Read Between the Lines (Oops! I Meant Lies)

“A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be.
Moderation in temper is always a virtue, but moderation
in principle is always a vice.” –Tom Paine


I did not think I could be more depressed than I have been the last 10 years, but watching Democrats kowtow to Obama because he throws them a couple of crumbs in an election year has seriously sent me to new lows. Obama is expert at one thing, and that is pulling the wool over gullible Democrats’ eyes. They do make it easy for him, though. I keep hearing them say how strong he is being against those awful Republicans because he says he wants to raise taxes on the rich. Not a word about stopping the many wars we are embroiled in (so much for that promise) and cutting back on the military budget. Will Ties to Pentagon Contractors Push ‘Supercommittee’ Democrats to Cut Entitlements?  Instead, what we hear is Obama saying that the reason he wants to raise taxes on the rich is to balance the cuts to Medicare and Medicaid so that it is “fair across the board.” How the hell is it fair to make life even harder for the elderly and those who don’t have jobs or enough money to feed their children or go to the doctor or have a roof over their heads? And how the hell can the Democrats totally miss that “cutting Medicare and Medicaid” part? What dreamworld are they in?

Another bone thrown out by Obama is that he will not make cuts to Social Security, but that too is a scam. The latest,

Have a bowl of hope and change!

quietly passed tax legislation included a temporary 2% cut in the employee contribution (6.2% to 4.2%) to the Social Security payroll tax. In addition, there was also a 2% cut in the employer contribution (12.4% to 10.4%). If we have a Social Security fund that is reportedly facing bankruptcy in the near future (which wouldn’t even be an issue if the government paid back the money that was borrowed from it), then why would anyone in their right mind cut contributions to that fund? If an individual were making $100,000 a year, the combined changes in contribution rate would result in $4,000 less from the employee and his or her employer. Obama’s plan is to make this permanent. Obama is creating the crisis by depleting the fund, and he will say we must make substantial cuts in order to save it. This is nothing but a backdoor strategy to quietly eliminate Social Security.  Meanwhile, the amount of money your government has spent to bail out Wall Street is up to 8.5 trillion dollars.
Obama’s Phony “Pivot” on the Budget: The Trickster is At It, Again

It will get really bad once Obama is “re-elected.” He will be re-elected because he follows his orders to a tee. During the 2008 election when they added Sarah Palin to the mix, I posed that she was there to make sure we voted for the chosen one, Obama. They are doing the same thing this time around. They just upped the ante with even crazier crazies. We have to stop allowing them to scare us into doing what is just as much against our own interests. This is an excellent article that lays it all out clearly Barack Obama VS Those Craaaazy Republicans: Is He the Lesser Evil, or the More Effective Evil?  . You will see the continued dismantling of all our minimal safety nets. That has been the plan for years, and it can only be accomplished when a Democrat is in office. There will be no uproar in the Congress, and since the peace and justice movement has been divided into those who still believe in peace and justice no matter who is in office and those who support a candidate because of the “D” next to his or her name, no matter what crimes he or she commits, there will be little outrage in the streets. And whatever outrage there happens to be will be ignored by both the government and by the government/corporate-controlled media, just as it is being ignored now with the “Occupation of Wall Street.”  (Ongoing live coverage: Global Revolution) The Wall Street Occupation has been going on since Saturday, September 17th (day 10 as I write this with a second Occupation starting in Los Angeles). The police violence is being ignored as well – scary as hell when there is no accountability. Democracy Now: Occupy Wall Street Protest Enters Second Week; 80 Arrested at Peaceful March . I’m guessing there will also be silence for the upcoming 2011 Occupation of Washington planned to begin Thursday, October 6th. Quite a contrast from the 24/7 coverage of the Egyptian revolution and the other Arab countries where we wanted the rulers removed. And remember all the talk by this administration about “democracy” and “a free internet.” Funny, not a word from them or the press about Yahoo cutting off service to the protesters Yahoo Admits to Blocking Wall Street Protest Emails and not a word out of the White House about “democracy” or “the right to freely assemble” or “free speech” for our protesters here at home.

As if that silence isn’t disturbing enough, it was astounding in the Troy Davis case. While there was a massive movement to try to save Davis from execution for a crime he most likely did not commit and with evidence of police, prosecutorial, and judicial misconduct, not a word came from the Constitutional lawyer in the White House.  Requests for at least a delay came from leaders and millions of ordinary people around the world. At the last minute it looked like there might be a reprieve when the Supreme Court said they were looking at his case, but instead they called almost immediately for his execution. From Democracy Now: Martina Correia on Execution of Troy Davis: “My Brother’s Fight Will Continue”, “The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights says Georgia’s execution of high-profile death row prisoner Troy Davis last Wednesday may have violated international law, citing serious concerns that the rights of Davis to due process and a fair trial were not respected.” Activist Jerry Policoff brought up an interesting point that might explain why Obama did and said nothing. In 2010 there was a case where two men who had been in prison for many years were exonerated and they sued the prosecutor saying they had been framed. The White House counsel presented the case that no matter what crimes are committed by prosecutors, they should be given full immunity, and therefore they should be above the law. The White House attorney was non-other than now Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. I’ll let you connect the dots. As if that was not enough, he had the gall to tell black people to, put on their “walking shoes” to fight for jobs and opportunity (and help him get re-elected) Obama to blacks: ‘Stop complaining’ and fight - Washington Times . Where the hell were his walking shoes when the unions and working people needed his help (another promise broken)? I sure hope blacks (and everyone) are smarter than to buy his lies and false promises again.

It is bad enough thinking of all the people being screwed by Obama, his Wall Street cronies, his oil buddies and our corrupt Congress, but to find out how our tax money is being spent is beyond the pale (the latest figure I saw was $33million/hour for our wars). Obama is waging war in at least 7 countries plus the fake “war on terror.” We have between 700-800 bases in about 130 countries and have built enormous embassies all over the world. It turns out that our embassy in Iraq, which consists of 22 buildings on land that covers more area than the Vatican City, isn’t big enough, so it is being expanded at a cost of 25-100 million dollars. Remember that all those bases and embassies have to be maintained – the money goes to that instead of into our schools and infrastructure or giving taxpayers decent health coverage. However, it wasn’t until I saw the new project our money is going to be spent on in Afghanistan that I felt literally sick to my stomach – a 2,000 person state-of-the-art “detention” facility (concentration camp) where we can torture and hold people indefinitely – Glenn Greenwald: US to build new massive prison in Bagram . I don’t even understand how we have the right to build a prison in someone else’s country. Oh, silly me, the U.S. just does anything it wants – illegal invasions and occupations, torture, renditions – with no regard to any laws or morality. It became obvious this last week that Iran has more humanity than we do. At least they freed the two American hikers they had convicted of spying. We just hold our foreign (and some not foreign) prisoners indefinitely without hope of ever being released or any chance to defend themselves. The articles I saw in the mainstream press omitted a very important part of the statements made by one of the hikers, “In prison, every time we complained about our conditions, the guards would immediately remind us of comparable conditions at Guantánamo Bay. They would remind of us of CIA prisons in other parts of the world, and the conditions that Iranians and others experience in prisons in the U.S.,” says Shane Bauer. “We do not believe that such human rights violations on the part of our government justify what has been done to us. Not for a moment. However, we do believe that these actions on the part of the U.S. provide an excuse for other governments, including the government of Iran, to act in kind.” Democracy Now: Freed U.S. Hiker Shane Bauer: Iranian Guards Cited Guantánamo, CIA Prisons to Justify Mistreatment and Glenn Greenwald: What media coverage omits about U.S. hikers released by Iran .

What is also disturbing is Obama’s support of Israel at the expense of freedom for Palestinians. Stephen Sizer: Obama UN speech so pro-Israeli it shocked even the …Israelis and Obama Gave Israel Bunker-Buster Bombs .

The level of corruption that is bared for us to see in this article in Rolling Stone: Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? by Matt Taibbi (and this is just symbolic of the entire government) really does make it difficult to have even a conceptual idea of how to fix the mess we are in. I do know, and I have said this before, we are dealing with a one party form of government. There are two named teams like in football and they are pitted against one another with occasional “elections” so that we are given the illusion of democracy and to keep us occupied and distracted as they plunder and burn us down. Because it is only one party, there is a first step you can take. Stop buying into their game if for no other reason than you will at least feel you are living your principles. Don’t take part in the political theater. Don’t fill their coffers, don’t volunteer and don’t vote in the fake elections. And stop supporting the indefensible and…OCCUPY.

Check out the “haves” on the balconies looking down their noses at the riffraff on Wall Street. Faceoff at 55 Wall St. (video). This is the song that all protesters should sing. Gene Burnett – Jump You F*#kers (A Song For Wall Street) . Actually it applies to all the criminals, not just the ones on Wall Street.

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gk thomas comments:

Always right on target, Dorothy. Every time I view the political machinations of the government I can’t help thinking I’m watching a knockoff episode of the defunct series DEADWOOD.

Dorothy Reilly comments:

Yet another Obama betrayal…

Obama Waives Curbs on Aid to Countries Using Child Soldiers – #13

President Obama has decided to issue a waiver allowing continued U.S. military aid to four countries that use child soldiers for the second consecutive year. The Obama administration says it will waive penalties under the Child Soldiers Prevention Act to prevent a cutoff of military assistance to Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Yemen. According to Foreign Policy magazine, National Security Council Senior Director Samantha Power had promised NGOs last year that the waivers would not be renewed, saying the administration would exert pressure by “[working] from inside the tent.” President Obama has decided to issue a waiver allowing continued U.S. military aid to four countries that use child soldiers for the second consecutive year. The Obama administration says it will waive penalties under the Child Soldiers Prevention Act to prevent a cutoff of military assistance to Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Yemen. According to Foreign Policy magazine, National Security Council Senior Director Samantha Power had promised NGOs last year that the waivers would not be renewed, saying the administration would exert pressure by “[working] from inside the tent.”

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