Our Best Friend

Rats are good
for war.
The LA Times said so today.
Better than dogs
at sniffing out bombs,
rats are social,
but not too,
distraction not an issue
with them.
They are not cute,
or likable,
not at all like a dolphin
or a pug.
Bought cheap
by a handful of sugar,
they will put their long quivering noses
right on those hidden explosives.

Abhorred by all,
totally dispensable,
rats are a civilization’s
best friend.
Who cares if a rat
gets blown to bits?
Will PETA intervene
and cry for rats’ rights?
Will Mothers Against War
convene to save a rat’s ass?
We can count on rats
then, so why worry
about the proliferation of weapons?
Bomb away, I say!
Let’s bomb away!


Ruth has published poems in Day Tonight Night today, Mali Mirage, The Loyolan and have forthcoming poems in Poecology, Snowy Egret, and Pure Francis.

Ruth Gooley

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